11 September

The committee had hoped to get a brief newsletter out to reaffirm the fishing on the north Tyne over the last six weeks but we have been working away on other important projects on behalf of the membership and this, along with holidays, has prevented the club from the preparation and distribution of the same. We therefore remind members that they are not allowed to fish the Hesleyside pool as this is retained for the house from the 15th September. Members are also not allowed to fish the Mill pool after the 10 October. As previously stated we are dealing with other projects and this includes looking at acquiring additional water for the members. These vary from being at an advanced stage or to just getting off the ground. As is committee practice we will not disclose any details until they are concluded either for or against the club.

They say it never rains but it pours. Well they got it spot on last week with all our rivers becoming totally unfishable from late Friday afternoon and things are just starting to settle down as we write. More rain is expected this Saturday and Sunday and depending on the severity of the rain could put the rivers out of action again. This is a great pity as members had continued to enjoy excellent sport with numerous salmon and sea trout being caught on all our waters.