19 September

Additional Waters

The club have submitted an offer for a stretch of fishing for a three year lease on one of our local rivers. We await the response from the owner.

 We are aware of a stretch of fishing for sale and having talked to the agents to see if they will discuss a lease but they have advised that the fishing rights are for sale only. We are aware of the offers they are seeking and if every member donates £2K each to the club we may be in with a shout. Sadly we will not be pursuing this beat, unless?


Members are continuing to be successful with their prowess on the rivers with plenty of fish being caught. There are too many to mention but two members have caught their first salmon. This week  Dave Charlton caught a 12lb salmon on Keepershield using a mepps whilst Shaun, sorry  I dont have his surname, caught a beautiful bar of silver salmon at 15lb on the Wear using a silver toby.

We wrote to the EA regarding the number of fish taking the Coquet and their reply, in general terms, is that they are aware of this and are monitoring the situation especially regarding the number of sea trout. Figures out today show only 316 fish took the river in August. The figures for the Coquet this year are really down on previous years and appears to be in a downward spiral. To make matters slightly worse for the EA, having just repaired the south fish pass we now have the north pass out of operation and signs are it will be out of operation for the rest of the year.

Parking - Keepershield Beat

We understand the members frustration over the state of the parking for this beat but please be reminded that this beat came up very quickly and the committee had to act just as quickly to secure the fishing. It is turning out to be a very good beat in terms of fish being caught but please understand that we have approached the owner, a farmer, about the parking and he will get round to it in his own time. This time of the year is a very busy period for all farmers so we ask for your tolerance for the the time being if not for the remainder of the season.

Fish Counts

The latest fish count for the Coquet for August has been updated on the website today. There is still no figure for the Wear for August.

Thornton Steward Reservoir

 The reservoir continues to fish very well with members, as expected, catching more than the day tickets. Current  catch per rod per day stands at 3.4 for members and 2.5 for day tickets. Latest heaviest fish is an 8lb rainbow caught and safely returned by Ina Wilkinson.