The Club have exhibited at the North East Game Fair held in Nissan Sports and Social Club for the last two years. Whilst generating much interest, the committee decided that the time and effort they put in both in preparing and manning the stall, was not reflected in the results and decided not to exhibit this year.



The AGM will take place at Birtley Golf Club on Wednesday 7 February 2007 commencing at 8.00 p.m. All members have been sent details of the evenings agenda either by letter or by email. It is hoped to have a good turn out of members at the meeting when hope to announce another new section of river fishing to the members



 On the rivers the number of salmon caught has increased from last year whilst the number of sea trout has decreased. The situation with the sea trout can not be explained but it appears that this is a general scenario on all rivers and appears to be following a path of declining numbers over the last few years. The failure to add Tumbleton Lake at Cragside to our fishing was a real blow especially after all the hard work that went on in the previous seven months. We hope to be able to inform our members of a  further stretch of river for migratory fishing at our AGM which is to be held on 7 February 2007 commencing at 8.00 pm at Birtley Golf Club.

At Thornton Steward Reservoir we had to overcome the problem of VHS disease which had a marked effect on the fishing for several months. Nevertheless with co-operation from our fish supplier, DEFRA and Yorkshire Water but more importantly the members and day tickets we came through with only  a few scars and the fishing picked up very quickly with the enhanced stockings once we were allowed to stock.

The year ahead will as always be a daunting one as we never know what is round the corner, but, like this year we had our problems and overcame them all.



31 OCTOBER 2006 - the end of another season and the late rains have helped to bring more migratory fish to the nets with success on all the rivers. To mention but a few Jerry McBeth caught a salmon from the Ingram pool on the Rede, safely returned and also caught a 5lb 2oz sea trout on the Wear on a cascade fly. This was outdone the day after on the same river when another member, also using a cascade, caught a sea trout of 8lbs. Yours truly was on the boat pool on the North Tyne and lost a salmon of around 12lbs. There are too many details to mention but a special mention goes to David Williams fishing the Till last week when he lost six and caught two grilse all bars of silver. David went back the next day and only managed to catch one. The Till offers members fishing until the end of November and the signs look good.



On behalf of the members and committee of FFFC we would like to offer our grateful thanks to Charles Allister for his effort and commitment during his time with us on the committee. His knowledge of not only fishing but everything in general is astounding. If he did not know the answer you could guarantee Charles would have the answer for the next meeting of the committee. Charles updated our website over the last five years and it has attracted over 14 thousand hits since he set the web counter in operation. I have agreed to take over from where he left off and hope it can be as half as good as what Charles has done. I am only able to update the website because of the assistance from Charles so I offer my own personal thanks to Charles and look forward to seeing you on the water in the future.

Jim Irving



This may be the last update for some time as with great regret I have resigned from the Committee and am no longer responsible for this site. I was not standing for re-election to next year's committee but had hoped that a replacement volunteer would have appeared by now. I have enjoyed the years spent developing the site. When I started I was 71 year old novice and it has been a long learning curve and there is a lot which I still haven't learnt.

Thank you to all those who contributed to the success of the site with news items, reports and pictures of your prowess. Thanks too to those who drew my attention to errors, broken links, bad grammar and spelling errors etc. - you all helped.



At long last there is some good news to report. Thornton Steward is now within the area where trout may be moved so the resevoir has been restocked. The latest stocking included brown trout which are capable of breeding so the Statutary Close Season applies to them but Rainbows may be taken at any time the reservoir is open. It will be interesting to see if the brownies do breed successfully in Thornton Steward. Day Tickets revert to the normal charges and anglers are now permitted to take fish from the water. Please indicate on your catch return which species were taken and which returned to the water.

Barry Gibson and Dave Rutherford have reported success on the Till fishing for sea trout and Mick Moffat has had further success on the Till and fishing the Coquet, caught a fresh run 10lb salmon on a size 14 stoats tail.

13  May 2006 - The first reported catch of a migratory fish comes from Mick Moffat. He caught a 7lb. sea trout on the Till fishing a home-made Stoats Tail variant.



We would like to re-assure those members who fish this venue that we will continue to manage this water for as long as we can negotiate a lease with Yorkshire Water. We have been a little disappointed at the level of Day Ticket sales but so many of the "regulars" have become valuable club members that this not significant and the water is regarded as an asset by your Committee.

At the moment, none of the fish farms in N. Yorkshire are allowed to move trout and no farm outside of the area can bring fish in, so it is impossible to restock from anywhere.

The latest information is that all of the farms in the area have been tested and found to be negative except for the farm where the disease originated and all of the fish there have been destroyed. A single case in the River Nidd in a Graying has been confirmed. The information available at 26 June may be found at . Our supplier has received permission to make deliveries in a very limited area but NOT including Thornton Steward. The Secretary has made representations to the authorities for Thornton Steward to be included in the relaxed area as it does not draw water from the suspect waters and all output goes into the mains water system. The authorities were sympathetic but a decision is not yet available. (07/07/2006)

Everybody fishing TSR is reminded that only accepted fly fishing techniques are allowed i.e - no bait fishing, spinning etc. The Committee has received reports that some anglers, whilst not exceeding the bag limit and submitting a catch return, are understating the number of fish taken. Combined with those anglers who do not submit catch returns, this makes getting the stocking level correct even more difficult.

The new season started on 01 MARCH 2006 and we are looking forward to a great season. It was announced at the AGM that the frequency of stocking the reservoir would be increased this year in order to reduce the "saw-tooth" effect on the catch returns. I have had one report of a day-ticket holder who has fished on two occasions and he had superb sport on both visits.



Yorkshire Water have agreed that anglers may fish from the dam wall in future without the annual review. However, if problems, safety issues or complaints arise, Yorkshire Water reserve the right to withdraw their consent at any time. It is imperative that anglers do not attempt to enter the reservoir other than through the car park at the southern end and then walk to the dam.



The  Show was held on Sunday 19th March 2006. at the Nissan Sports and Social Club. Once again the Club took a stand but the attendance was not as good as last year. Perhaps this was due to the usual date in February not being available or was it due to the change of name to "Fly Fishing Show" instead of "Game Fishing Show".


The Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on Wednesday 01 February 2006 at the Birtley Golf Club starting at 8pm. Unlike last year there were no nasty surprises. We have not lost any water in the year but as yet we have been unable to replace the rods we had on the R. Garry. Members were pleased that no changes to subscription levels were proposed (Accepted nem con.), also there are no changes to price of Day Tickets on sale to the general public for Thornton Steward Reservoir. The Committee were re-elected "en bloc" - so we must be doing something right - but notice was given that I would not be standing next year. Any member who would like to take my place on the Committee, to look after this website, and the "Stats" for Thornton Steward - let the Secretary know, please. The new Season for Salmon (and Migratory Trout on Scottish rivers) has already started with the arly-season restrictions in place until 16 June.

Winter Fishing on Thornton Steward Reservoir. This facility has again proved popular with a few hardy members.

River Till

There has only been one report of a sea-trout being caught (Roly Lyons) of about 2lb. - this in spite of the river being "full of sea trout with the occasional salmon". All our rivers are now closed until February 2006 with the exception of coarse fishing on the Wear. The reservoir will remain open until late February and there will be a small stocking before the end of December. Members are reminded of the "One Fish" limit ( as announced in the last Newsletter) over the winter period.

Is this what is meant by "Fishing Effort"? (The Ingram Pool on the River Rede)

Click on image to enlarge.


Unless there is something exceptional to report, this page will not be updated again until mid-January 2006 with details of the arrangements for the AGM.



After the recent flurry of reports from our salmon fisherman the English season closed quietly. Two salmon were reported caught on the Eals Pool but both were coloured and were returned to the water  safely. The Scottish season ( River Till ) continues until the end of November but Members must book through Jim Irving.



Amazing what water in the rivers can do at this time of year - three days left to season end.

Another report received from Jim Irving this evening reads:-

Jeremy Macbeth caught and returned a salmon of 10lbs from the Eals pool on the Tyne. Another member caught and kept a clean fish of the same weight from the same pool. Jeremy then went to the Rede and his first cast at the bottom of the Ingram pool caught what he thought was a big salmon but it escaped to live another day.

Jim Irving had a blank on the Tyne in the morning despite loads of fish so he also went to the Rede. Nothing from the Ingram down over until the head of the Cliff pool and a nice sea trout of 4lb caught and safely returned



A report received from Jim Irving this evening reads:-

"Today fishing the Rede member M Rutherford lost a fish of at least 20lb which took in the Tarzan Pool, ran down past the Drovers' Bridge until it snapped/frayed his line on a rock. Member Barry Gibson had three sea trout, two returned one kept.

Out on the Tyne, Jim Irving caught and lost a clean fish of at least 15lb from the Boat Pool. Twice he had it to the net before it shook the hook out. The dangers of fishing alone.

The Tyne below Bellingham is still very high but without further rain should be in fine fettle for the rest of the season. the Rede, although coloured again should fish well till the end of the season."

An e-mail from Mike Timson reads:-

On Sunday 23rd fishing on the Mill and Charlton Pools they were stuffed of fish and I managed to land three salmon from 8lb - 12lb all coloured and returned and four sea trout 2lb-4lb all returned - all on a Stinchar Stoat's Tail size 8, slow sinking line.

Then a change of pool and tactics  - orange flying C out in Peters Hole about ten yards up from the big lump of wood in the middle of the pool -first cast into a salmon ( only hoping its not a big one so close to the snag) after a bit of a scrap a nice 10lb cock fish. So a good old day well worth the six hour round trip - hopefully next year will be alot wetter than this so we can get good sport earlier.

On Monday (17/10 ),D Williams, fishing on the River Till, caught two salmon, one at 10lb. and one at 5lb. both reported as "bars of silver. Fly was RED ALLY'S SHRIMP.

Reports suggest that there are fish in the North Tyne beats and in particular the Eals Pool. The local farmer reports catching fish in this pool around dusk.

On the previous weekend (9/10 OCT.) there was a small rise in the water level on the River Wear over a couple of days and Jerry reports that a good number of fish moved into our beat. On Monday he successfully landed an 11lb. fish from the bottom end of our water. Another salmon of the same weight was caught by a member on the Ridings Pool of the North Tyne last week.

Once again, the end of another season for trout . No reports of sizeable brownies have reached me.

This has been another extremely dry season - apart from a few wild storms there has been very little steady rain. This has been reflected in the "bare bones" appearance of the local rivers. Hopefully we will get some rain in October to get the salmon moving up. The low levels of release  from Kieider Resevoir "disappear" when they reach the Main Tyne and are insufficient to move fish up to our beats. For future notice of Kielder Releases please phone Northumbrian Water's information line 01434 240463 as last week's announcement was modified after I had amended this page.

The lack of water has been seen at Thornton Steward Reservoir with very low water levels, however, over the last two weeks there has been an improvement - both members and Day Ticket anglers have nearly all caught fish. Thanks are due to a member who took a few photographs at a recent stocking. In the first picture is Dave Cave our Head Bailliff  and in the fourth picture the three workers are (L to R) Jerry Macbeth from the Committee, Bob Booth, he supplies the top quality fish we get, and Dave Wilson our hard-working Secretary. Click on the picture to enlarge.


Our experiment of allowing Associate Members to fish the River Wear for Coarse Fish is reported as doing well. In response to a query - Ordinary Members may fish the River Wear for coarse fish, if they so wish, wihout further fee.

The stocking of the River Rede with brown trout has taken place but as yet there have been no reports as to how the river is fishing. The stocking of the reservoir continues on a regular schedule. There is a report of many fish by the dam wall (before the last stocking) but anglers have had very mixed success during the hot weather with high air pressure. Yorkshire Water have extended the permission from the dam wall for a further twelve months.

It is legal to retain salmon caught on our waters after 16th June but members are asked to use restraint, in particular, returning hen fish to the water whenever possible.

Our members enjoyed some early season success fishing on the Till, Coquet and North Tyne but the lack of water has reduced the number of fish being reported. Mick Moffatt continued the good fortune enjoyed by members, catching two fresh run Sea Trout on 1 June - described as " bars of silver" but no weights given. On 21/4/2005 Tom Snowball had an 8lb fish on the Till and three days later Will Davies landed a 9lb salmon on the Coquet to be followed on the next day by M. Potts who landed a 12lb fish on the Till.  Another fish was caught on the Rede but I don't have the details to hand.  To complete this news round-up, Nick Jackson, a relatively new Member, caught his very  first salmon on the "Ridings Pool"  on the North Tyne. He sent a couple of pictures of his triumph and they are shown below. (Pictures are always welcome)                                                                                                                  

My Very First Salmon

Back it goes to fight another day