We would like to re-assure those members who fish this venue that we will continue to manage this water for as long as we can negotiate a lease with Yorkshire Water. We have been a little disappointed at the level of Day Ticket sales but so many of the "regulars" have become valuable club members that this not significant and the water is regarded as an asset by your Committee.

At the moment, none of the fish farms in N. Yorkshire are allowed to move trout and no farm outside of the area can bring fish in, so it is impossible to restock from anywhere.

The latest information is that all of the farms in the area have been tested and found to be negative except for the farm where the disease originated and all of the fish there have been destroyed. A single case in the River Nidd in a Graying has been confirmed. The information available at 26 June may be found at . Our supplier has received permission to make deliveries in a very limited area but NOT including Thornton Steward. The Secretary has made representations to the authorities for Thornton Steward to be included in the relaxed area as it does not draw water from the suspect waters and all output goes into the mains water system. The authorities were sympathetic but a decision is not yet available. (07/07/2006)

Everybody fishing TSR is reminded that only accepted fly fishing techniques are allowed i.e - no bait fishing, spinning etc. The Committee has received reports that some anglers, whilst not exceeding the bag limit and submitting a catch return, are understating the number of fish taken. Combined with those anglers who do not submit catch returns, this makes getting the stocking level correct even more difficult.

The new season started on 01 MARCH 2006 and we are looking forward to a great season. It was announced at the AGM that the frequency of stocking the reservoir would be increased this year in order to reduce the "saw-tooth" effect on the catch returns. I have had one report of a day-ticket holder who has fished on two occasions and he had superb sport on both visits.