At long last there is some good news to report. Thornton Steward is now within the area where trout may be moved so the resevoir has been restocked. The latest stocking included brown trout which are capable of breeding so the Statutary Close Season applies to them but Rainbows may be taken at any time the reservoir is open. It will be interesting to see if the brownies do breed successfully in Thornton Steward. Day Tickets revert to the normal charges and anglers are now permitted to take fish from the water. Please indicate on your catch return which species were taken and which returned to the water.

Barry Gibson and Dave Rutherford have reported success on the Till fishing for sea trout and Mick Moffat has had further success on the Till and fishing the Coquet, caught a fresh run 10lb salmon on a size 14 stoats tail.

13  May 2006 - The first reported catch of a migratory fish comes from Mick Moffat. He caught a 7lb. sea trout on the Till fishing a home-made Stoats Tail variant.