31 OCTOBER 2006 - the end of another season and the late rains have helped to bring more migratory fish to the nets with success on all the rivers. To mention but a few Jerry McBeth caught a salmon from the Ingram pool on the Rede, safely returned and also caught a 5lb 2oz sea trout on the Wear on a cascade fly. This was outdone the day after on the same river when another member, also using a cascade, caught a sea trout of 8lbs. Yours truly was on the boat pool on the North Tyne and lost a salmon of around 12lbs. There are too many details to mention but a special mention goes to David Williams fishing the Till last week when he lost six and caught two grilse all bars of silver. David went back the next day and only managed to catch one. The Till offers members fishing until the end of November and the signs look good.