On the rivers the number of salmon caught has increased from last year whilst the number of sea trout has decreased. The situation with the sea trout can not be explained but it appears that this is a general scenario on all rivers and appears to be following a path of declining numbers over the last few years. The failure to add Tumbleton Lake at Cragside to our fishing was a real blow especially after all the hard work that went on in the previous seven months. We hope to be able to inform our members of a  further stretch of river for migratory fishing at our AGM which is to be held on 7 February 2007 commencing at 8.00 pm at Birtley Golf Club.

At Thornton Steward Reservoir we had to overcome the problem of VHS disease which had a marked effect on the fishing for several months. Nevertheless with co-operation from our fish supplier, DEFRA and Yorkshire Water but more importantly the members and day tickets we came through with only  a few scars and the fishing picked up very quickly with the enhanced stockings once we were allowed to stock.

The year ahead will as always be a daunting one as we never know what is round the corner, but, like this year we had our problems and overcame them all.