A report received from Jim Irving this evening reads:-

"Today fishing the Rede member M Rutherford lost a fish of at least 20lb which took in the Tarzan Pool, ran down past the Drovers' Bridge until it snapped/frayed his line on a rock. Member Barry Gibson had three sea trout, two returned one kept.

Out on the Tyne, Jim Irving caught and lost a clean fish of at least 15lb from the Boat Pool. Twice he had it to the net before it shook the hook out. The dangers of fishing alone.

The Tyne below Bellingham is still very high but without further rain should be in fine fettle for the rest of the season. the Rede, although coloured again should fish well till the end of the season."

An e-mail from Mike Timson reads:-

On Sunday 23rd fishing on the Mill and Charlton Pools they were stuffed of fish and I managed to land three salmon from 8lb - 12lb all coloured and returned and four sea trout 2lb-4lb all returned - all on a Stinchar Stoat's Tail size 8, slow sinking line.

Then a change of pool and tactics  - orange flying C out in Peters Hole about ten yards up from the big lump of wood in the middle of the pool -first cast into a salmon ( only hoping its not a big one so close to the snag) after a bit of a scrap a nice 10lb cock fish. So a good old day well worth the six hour round trip - hopefully next year will be alot wetter than this so we can get good sport earlier.

On Monday (17/10 ),D Williams, fishing on the River Till, caught two salmon, one at 10lb. and one at 5lb. both reported as "bars of silver. Fly was RED ALLY'S SHRIMP.

Reports suggest that there are fish in the North Tyne beats and in particular the Eals Pool. The local farmer reports catching fish in this pool around dusk.

On the previous weekend (9/10 OCT.) there was a small rise in the water level on the River Wear over a couple of days and Jerry reports that a good number of fish moved into our beat. On Monday he successfully landed an 11lb. fish from the bottom end of our water. Another salmon of the same weight was caught by a member on the Ridings Pool of the North Tyne last week.

Once again, the end of another season for trout . No reports of sizeable brownies have reached me.

This has been another extremely dry season - apart from a few wild storms there has been very little steady rain. This has been reflected in the "bare bones" appearance of the local rivers. Hopefully we will get some rain in October to get the salmon moving up. The low levels of release  from Kieider Resevoir "disappear" when they reach the Main Tyne and are insufficient to move fish up to our beats. For future notice of Kielder Releases please phone Northumbrian Water's information line 01434 240463 as last week's announcement was modified after I had amended this page.

The lack of water has been seen at Thornton Steward Reservoir with very low water levels, however, over the last two weeks there has been an improvement - both members and Day Ticket anglers have nearly all caught fish. Thanks are due to a member who took a few photographs at a recent stocking. In the first picture is Dave Cave our Head Bailliff  and in the fourth picture the three workers are (L to R) Jerry Macbeth from the Committee, Bob Booth, he supplies the top quality fish we get, and Dave Wilson our hard-working Secretary. Click on the picture to enlarge.


Our experiment of allowing Associate Members to fish the River Wear for Coarse Fish is reported as doing well. In response to a query - Ordinary Members may fish the River Wear for coarse fish, if they so wish, wihout further fee.

The stocking of the River Rede with brown trout has taken place but as yet there have been no reports as to how the river is fishing. The stocking of the reservoir continues on a regular schedule. There is a report of many fish by the dam wall (before the last stocking) but anglers have had very mixed success during the hot weather with high air pressure. Yorkshire Water have extended the permission from the dam wall for a further twelve months.

It is legal to retain salmon caught on our waters after 16th June but members are asked to use restraint, in particular, returning hen fish to the water whenever possible.

Our members enjoyed some early season success fishing on the Till, Coquet and North Tyne but the lack of water has reduced the number of fish being reported. Mick Moffatt continued the good fortune enjoyed by members, catching two fresh run Sea Trout on 1 June - described as " bars of silver" but no weights given. On 21/4/2005 Tom Snowball had an 8lb fish on the Till and three days later Will Davies landed a 9lb salmon on the Coquet to be followed on the next day by M. Potts who landed a 12lb fish on the Till.  Another fish was caught on the Rede but I don't have the details to hand.  To complete this news round-up, Nick Jackson, a relatively new Member, caught his very  first salmon on the "Ridings Pool"  on the North Tyne. He sent a couple of pictures of his triumph and they are shown below. (Pictures are always welcome)                                                                                                                  

My Very First Salmon

Back it goes to fight another day